How to write a practical professional summary for Resume to stand out 2024

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Trying to figure out why you were not called for an interview despite having all qualified skills and experience?

Your resume may be ATS friendly, paper resume, or digital resume not but it should be always tailored whenever you apply for a job vacancy. This might be time consuming but most of the time it works. You may be qualified but having a resume which is not tailored will stop you from getting your dream job

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According to Glassdoor, 63% of recruiters prefer receiving resumes that are tailored to the specific job position.

This percentage states the importance of tailored resumes and how well one needs to tailor specific sections of resume according to specific  job position. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss a professional summary and how to write an effective one. 

Understanding Professional Summary

A professional summary for a resume serves as a critical component that encapsulates your professional persona, showcasing your most significant accomplishments, skills, and the value you bring to a potential employer. It acts as a snapshot of your career, providing a quick overview that aims to persuade employers to look into your resume.

Difference between a professional summary and an objective statement

Professional Summary

A professional summary is a brief overview of your key achievements, skills, and experiences. It's tailored to showcase how your background aligns with the needs of the employer, emphasizing what you bring to the table. The professional summary is forward-looking, focusing on offering a snapshot of your professional identity and what makes you a valuable asset to the team. It's particularly useful for individuals who have a significant amount of experience in their field, as it allows them to highlight their expertise and accomplishments right at the outset.

Objective Statement

An objective statement, on the other hand, is more about your career goals and what you hope to achieve in the position you're applying for. It's often used by those who are new to the workforce, changing careers, or have gaps in their employment history. The objective statement can explain your intentions and how you aim to grow while contributing to the company. It's more about what you're looking for in your career and less about what you've already accomplished.

Key Elements of an Effective Professional Summary

Strong Opening

  • Begin with a strong adjective or phrase that captures your professional demeanor (e.g., "Experienced," "Dedicated," "Innovative").
  • Clearly state your professional title or the role you're targeting.

Years of Experience

  • Mention how many years of relevant experience you have in your field. This gives employers a quick sense of your level of expertise.

Core Competencies and Skills

  • Highlight your key skills and areas of expertise that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Use specific keywords from the job description to improve your resume’s visibility in applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Professional Achievements

  • Include quantifiable achievements or milestones to demonstrate your impact in previous roles. Use numbers and percentages to provide a clear picture of your contributions (e.g., "Increased sales by 20%" or "Reduced customer churn by 15%").

Relevance to the Job

  • Tailor your summary to each job application, emphasizing how your skills and experiences align with the specific requirements of the position. Show how you can solve problems or add value to the company.

Professional Goals or Aspirations (Optional)

  • While not always included, mentioning your professional goals or how you aim to grow within the company can be effective, especially if it aligns closely with the company’s direction or the role’s objectives.

Conciseness and Clarity

  • Keep your professional summary brief and to the point, typically 3-4 sentences. Use clear, concise language to ensure your summary is easily skimmable for busy hiring managers.


  • Customize your professional summary for each job application. This shows that you have a genuine interest in the role and have taken the time to understand what the employer is looking for.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Professional Summary

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Step 1: Start with a Strong Adjective and Your Professional Title

The opening of your professional summary should immediately capture the essence of your professional persona. Begin with a strong adjective that accurately describes your work ethic or professional demeanor. 


"Dedicated Marketing Specialist with over five years of experience in digital marketing strategies and brand management. Specializes in creating compelling content that drives engagement and increases brand visibility."

Step 2: Mention Your Years of Experience in the Field

After starting with a strong adjective and your professional title, the next step in crafting an effective professional summary for your resume is to mention your years of experience in the field. This provides a quick overview of your depth of expertise and professional background, which is crucial for employers to understand your level of competency and experience. 


"Dynamic Marketing Specialist with over five years of experience in developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies that enhance brand visibility and engagement. Adept at leveraging social media platforms to amplify brand messaging and drive customer engagement."

Step 3: Include Your Key Skills and How They Are Relevant to the Job You Are Applying For

The third step in crafting an engaging professional summary for your resume involves highlighting your key skills and explicitly connecting them to the job you're applying for. This step is crucial because it demonstrates not only what you are capable of but also how your capabilities align with the needs of the potential employer. 


"Strategic Marketing Specialist with over five years of experience, specializing in digital marketing, content creation, and brand management. Skilled in SEO, social media marketing, and analytics, adept at crafting strategies that increase visibility and engagement, directly contributing to company growth. Eager to apply these skills to enhance the marketing efforts of XYZ Corp."

Step 4: Add Your Professional Achievements or Milestones

The fourth step in crafting a compelling professional summary for your resume is to incorporate your professional achievements or milestones. This section is where you showcase your accomplishments and the tangible impact you've had in your previous roles. It's an opportunity to demonstrate your effectiveness and the value you bring to potential employers.


"Accomplished Marketing Specialist with over five years of experience, recognized for increasing online engagement by 40% within a year through strategic content marketing and SEO optimization. Successfully led a digital marketing team to achieve a record-breaking increase in lead generation, contributing significantly to the company's revenue growth. Seeking to leverage these achievements to drive similar success for XYZ Corp."

Step 5: Tailor the Summary to Each Job Application

The final step in creating an effective professional summary for your resume is to tailor it to each specific job application. Customizing your summary ensures that it resonates with the particular needs and values of the employer, demonstrating your attention to detail and genuine interest in the position. 


"Driven Marketing Specialist with over five years of experience in digital marketing and brand management, specializing in content strategy and SEO. Proven track record of boosting online engagement by 40% and leading successful marketing campaigns. Eager to apply my expertise in strategic marketing and analytics to contribute to the success of ABC Company’s innovative marketing initiatives, as outlined in the job description."

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