Landing a perfect job with your dream employer

Landing a perfect job

Every working professional aspires to attain a particular job with a dream employer with a great brand. A few professionals are lucky to get that perfect job, while most are left out. You may be wondering why you got left out of the hiring process. In most cases, the professional who got the job was better networked with the recruiter or hiring manager. You may be better qualified but missed out due to a lack of networking, resulting in reduced resume visibility.

Have you wondered how to get ahead of the race by using your skills and expertise to win the race? Most hard-working professionals are busy meeting their professional objectives and rarely have time to network, hurting career growth. You now have a way to win this race using three simple steps that take less than 15 mins per week.

Key Takeaways

  1. 3 Steps to land your perfect job
  2. What is Professional Credibility?
  3. Executing these steps with less time and high efficiency
  4. Acing the interview process

3 Steps to land your perfect job

The following three simple steps will help you to land your perfect job. You may observe that the first two points are related to "Professional Credibility," and in case you are not familiar with this term and how to establish your professional credibility, there is a brief description in this blog and a link to a blog that describes in detail the concept of professional credibility and how to establish it.

The three steps are

  1. Establish professional credibility for the skills required for your perfect job.
  2. Establish credibility to help and mentor other members of your team and the broader professional community.
  3. Increase the visibility of your profile to the hiring community (recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters, influencers, and others).

If you are wondering how to accomplish the above tasks, it is straightforward using today's technologies, explained below.

What is Professional Credibility?

In simple terms, Professional credibility is the level to which a professional can be trusted and depended on for their professional skills by colleagues, customers, and partners who work with this professional regularly, which can be referred to as a professional ecosystem. The vital distinction is that credibility is based on the perceived value and opinion of the professional ecosystem and not on the professional's opinion. 

For example, it means nothing if John feels he is a star performer. However, if his professional ecosystem feels he is a star performer, it is a strong endorsement of his professional credibility.

Executing these steps with less time and high efficiency

There are a couple of ways to establish professional credibility. However, the getCREDIBLE platform is specifically designed to develop professional credibility with significantly less time required, around 15 mins per week or 1 hour per month. This platform uses AI and ML engines, so the steps have become simple and efficient, as described below.

Professional credibility for skills required for your perfect job

Identify skills required for your perfect job and form an excellent professional ecosystem whose endorsements will be of value to the hiring manager. Once these two are established, start posting periodic (monthly or bi-weekly) milestones of your professional accomplishments. These milestones will be rated by folks in your professional ecosystems. 

You will be in a perfect position if you getCREDIBLE platform ratings (ProCred) on your professional skills based on positive feedback. If they come back below expected, do not fret over it. Start working on these skills to show improvement in the following months. Showing an upward trend is very valuable to a hiring manager. 

Any professional will have some weakness in some of their skills, which is normal. You need to work to have a higher ratio of more vital skills than weaker skills. Skills not critical to the job can be filtered out in your SLATE (digital resume).

Professional credibility to help other professionals

This part of professional credibility has two parts, which are;

Helping other professionals within your organization

One simple way to help other professionals in your organization is by providing authentic and regular feedback on their work to acknowledge their strong skills and improve on the weaker ones. getCREDIBLE platform offers an easy way to provide feedback for your colleagues and automatically calculates a ProCiti rating for you. ProCiti stands for Professional Citizenship rating, and it takes only a few minutes for each feedback to enable you to get a higher ProCiti rating quickly.

Helping professionals outside your organization

In addition to having credibility in your core job-related work, it is also essential to prove your credentials in helping a broader professional community outside your organization. It further adds weight to your professional skills and highlights your soft skills around leadership, collaboration, and mentorship.

One of the ways to show this skill is by posting blogs and active participation in professional forums or YouTube videos. Most of these platforms rely on likes, dislikes, and comments, which could be more helpful in establishing professional credibility, although they do help to some extent.

getCREDIBILE platform provides a mechanism for others to give feedback on your content, which is used to rate content and create curated content based on ratings. Alternatively, you can use the feedback to improve the quality of content and get a higher rating. Authoring professional content with a high rating will go a long way to increase your professional credibility.

Increasing your professional visibility

Now that you have established good Professional Credibility on the core skills and helping other professionals, it is time to collate them in a presentable and make it visible to your dream employers

getCREDBILE platform provides a feature to build a digital version of your resume called SLATE builder. Using SLATE builder, you can quickly build your customized SLATE with the following features.

  • Highlight your strong skills and filter out weaker skills that are not critical to the job
  • Choose the design that you like
  • Choose the color that represents your personality
  • Publish your SLATE, choosing your desired visibility levels
  • Generate a short URL for social media promotion

You can now use the short URL of your SLATE to share and promote in digital channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Job portals, and others to increase your visibility. You can also view page view analytics of your SLATE to see details about when it was considered, how many people have visited, how much time they spend on each page, and more.

For full details on SLATE and its features, refer to this link.

Acing the interview process

In most interviews, the hiring managers would ask many questions to evaluate the candidate on technical skills, soft skills, and cultural fit. Since it is challenging to consider all these skills that a candidate may have acquired over several years in a 45 min interview, they ask a random sample of questions, which increases the risk both from the hiring manager's perspective and the candidate's perspective and spend very little time on how the candidate help the organization in the essential future.

SLATE provides an apparent view into all these skills over a long period with drill-down features putting you a head start in the interview process. It allows you to discuss what you can contribute to the organization in the future, giving you a definitive advantage over other candidates in the hiring process.

Good Luck with your career. Use the potential and endless features and benefits of the getCREDIBLE platform to land your dream job and reach heights.