2024's Top 6 Online Resume Builders in India - Find Your Best Fit

2024's Top 6 Online Resume Builders in India - Find Your Best Fit

Your resume is the key to your dream job!

You heard right, but creating a resume ain’t that easy. A resume is your whole professional background and career, which you need to put in one or two pages. And it can be daunting! Especially during an online job search, you must constantly update and customize your resume according to the job. 

As a helping hand, you need an online resume builder that is easy to use and fulfills your requirements. There are many online resume builders available in the market. There are some paid and free resume builders in India. However, selecting the appropriate one is challenging because a resume is crucial for your job search. 

pie chart representing recruiter’s preference on resumes

Do you know what recruiters prefer about resumes? 

  • Fewer than 5% of recruiters will review a resume over a minute during their initial assessment.
  • 83% of recruiters indicate they're more inclined to hire candidates who have customized their resumes for the job they're applying for.
  • 60% of recruiters believe the most common error job seekers make on their resumes is the overuse of buzzwords.

The percentage shows how recruiters are reviewing resumes closely. In this blog, we will explore India's top six online resume builders and their features. 

Top 6 Online Resume Builders in India

infographic representing 6 online resume builders


Zety Resume Builder is known for its friendly usage and extensive customization options. With its different resume templates, it can be helpful for people from various industries & roles. Zety has a step-by-step guide to help people to create resumes. Let's explore the other key features that make Zety a famous resume builder:

  • Pre-written tailored content: This online resume builder provides a vast library of thousands of pre-written phrases, ready to be used in your CV for various jobs and career options. 
  • Cover letter builder: With this, you can create a cover letter matching your resume. 
  • Expert tips and guidance: Zety provides CV-building tips and advice at every step. Whether you are creating a resume for a fresher or an experienced professional, it has information for all.  
  • Professionally designed templates: Zety has focused on designing ATS-friendly templates, which companies use to scan CVs.


VisualCV is an online resume builder that focuses on the visual representation of a resume. It is a versatile platform designed to create visually attractive and professional resumes. VisualCV has over 30+ templates for resumes that will get you a job. Let's explore other features of VisualCV: 

  • Interactive interface: In VisualCV, you can drag and drop sections in your resume and customize them according to your needs. 
  • Media Integration: you can add multimedia elements like images and embed video links or external websites. 
  • CV Analytics: Now, you can track your CV performance. You can track when your CV is downloaded or viewed and make changes. 
  • Online portfolio: with VisualCV, you can create an online portfolio and showcase your work and accomplishments. 


Resume.com focuses on simplifying the resume creation process. This online resume builder offers a simple interface with many customizable templates. Let's explore other Resume.com features to understand it better: 

  • Pre-written resume samples: This online resume builder provides some pre-written resume samples, which allows you to get an idea of how to write better professional resumes. 
  • Tailored phrases: According to different jobs and professional roles, Resume.com provides tailored phrases for various sections of CVs while writing. 
  • Improvement tips: Also, it suggests improvement while writing resume sections. 
  • Aid in job search: After creating a resume and cover letter, Resume.com integrates it with job search engines and streamlines your job search process. 


This online resume builder is designed to help users create standout resumes. It offers modern, customizable templates that people from different career fields can use. Let's understand NovoResume's other features: 

  • Content Optimization Tips: NovoResume provides content suggestions to optimize your resume on the platform. This will help you thoroughly utilize the platform. 
  • Drag-and-drop interface: You can easily drag and drop different sections in the layout while creating a resume. This feature allows you to customize the layouts, change the color scheme, and more. 
  • ATS Compatibility - The NovoResume templates are designed to pass companies' applicant tracking systems
  • Cover letter templates - with resume and CV templates, it also offers matching templates for cover letters


It is similar to VisualCV, designed to create visually attractive, easy-to-use resumes and cover letters. This online resume builder also provides similar features like drag-and-drop options, content suggestions, and customization for colors and fonts. Also, Kickresume offers ATS-friendly templates too. 


Resumonk is an online resume builder with clean and neat templates. It allows you to create professional resumes quickly. Like other resume builders, it provides customization options, pre-written content, drag-and-drop features, etc. It also lets you use your LinkedIn profile to simplify the building process.

Before comparing prices and features between these top 6 online resume builders, let’s understand how to select the right one. 

How to select the right online resume builder

  1. Template Selection and Customization: Your resume design is an important element that catches your recruiter’s attention at first glance. So, choose an online resume builder that provides visually appealing and professional templates with customization options. 
  2. User Interface and Ease of Use: The platform should be less complex and easy to use. You need to update your resume content frequently according to the jobs/companies you apply to. So, it should not be a time-consuming process. 
  3. Features and Tools: Evaluate the tools and features offered, such as pre-written phrases, cover letter builders, LinkedIn integration, and real-time preview options. These can significantly enhance your resume-building experience and effectiveness.
  4. Pricing and Value: Consider the cost of the service. Some resume builders offer free basic services with options to upgrade for more features. Ensure the pricing is transparent and provides good value for the services provided.
  5. Export Options and Compatibility: Check the formats to download your final resume. Common formats include PDF and Word. Ensure these are compatible with the submission guidelines of the job applications you are targeting.

Now, you know how to select the right online resume builder. So, let’s understand the pros and cons of these 6 resume builders and compare their prices. 

Pros and Cons of Resume Builders

Resume Builders




Auto-suggestion feature, good guides, resume score, clean templates

Limited customization, somewhat confusing UI for new users


Live preview, rich text copy/paste, varied templates, clear information

Template construction can be slightly complex


Classic templates, completely free, with a strong focus on content

Visual appeal might be simpler compared to other builders


Live preview, beginner-friendly, built-in feedback, resume management

Some features might be a bit too guided for advanced users


Numerous templates, AI resume writer, website maker, grammar correction services

Free options are limited; templates might be too vibrant for some


AI suggestions, user-friendly, many templates, import options, clear pricing, cover letter builder, multiple formats (PDF, DOCX), online resume hosting, easy customization

Limited free options and advanced customization require a paid plan.

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Pricing of Resume Builders

Resume Builders



14-day trial for $2.70, then $23.70 every 4 weeks. Premium subscription: $14.99/month​ 


Free plan available; Pro plan: $18/month or $144/year


Completely free


Basic plan: Free; Premium plan: $16/month, $29.99/quarter, or $89.99/year


Free plan available; Premium plan: $8/month or $96/year


Free plan available; Premium plan: $29.95/year

Compare all the pros and cons of resume-building platforms to find the one suitable for your requirements. Also, compare prices and see whether you need a paid or basic one. But apart from these, do you know you have a free option that is more effective than others? 

Introducing getCREDIBLE: Digital Resume Builder

getCREDIBLE is redefining professional profiles through its advanced digital resumes. Central to its offerings is the 'Slate,' a dynamic document that grows with your career, ensuring that your profile remains current and truly reflects your abilities.

The platform's standout features encompass a continually updated digital Slate, AI-powered milestones for spotlighting major accomplishments, a feedback system for perpetual enhancement, and easy-to-use management tools that help construct a compelling professional narrative.

Key features of getCREDIBLE 

  1. Introducing Slate—A Revolutionary Digital Resume Platform by getCREDIBLE: Slate offers a cutting-edge digital space where individuals can display their resumes and spotlight their verified credentials. This feature enhances the reliability of the showcased skills and qualifications within the professional community.
  2. AI-Enhanced Professional Milestones: Slate enables users to list and represent their key professional achievements as milestones. An advanced AI engine helps users effectively describe their accomplishments and boost their digital resume. 
  3. Comprehensive Feedback Mechanism: getCREDIBLE integrates a thorough feedback system that allows users to gather insights from colleagues, supervisors, and mentors who have added to their professional network. This feedback builds trust and boosts the credibility of the user’s digital resume.


Choosing the right online resume builder can transform how you present yourself in the job market. By leveraging advanced tools and customizable templates, you can effectively highlight your skills and achievements, ensuring your resume stands out to employers. 

Embrace the convenience and professional edge offered by getCREDIBLE to craft a resume that meets industry standards and elevates your career prospects. Start building your professional future today with getCREDIBLE’s digital resume. 

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