Top 10 Job Hunting Strategies to Find Your Dream Job

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Finding a job quickly can be daunting, especially when it comes to your dream job.

However, with the proper guidance and a strategic plan, you can navigate this journey and find a job that brings you a sense of fulfillment and relief. 

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It's important to remember that you're not alone in finding job hunting stressful. In fact, around 73% of people share this sentiment, highlighting the widespread nature of this challenge. 90% of Job seekers find opening positions through social media. 76% of applicants focus on diversity, as they believe it is an essential factor when it comes to selecting a workplace. 

These numbers show how the job-hunting process can be stressful without a strategic plan to find one. In this blog, we will explore some effective job-search techniques and pitfalls to avoid. 

The Challenges of Job Hunting 

For freshers

  1. Lack of Experience: Finding a job without experience can be hectic in today’s competitive market for freshers. 
  2. Limited Network: Freshers will have limited connections in professional networks as they have just started their career journey. 
  3. Weak Resume and Interview Skills: Many freshers will be first-timers or have given only a few interviews. They may not be aware of how to draft a standout resume or have knowledge of the required interview skills. 
  4. Unclear career path: Many people start their career journey without a clear vision, and they lose confidence during the job search. One should be very clear about what path they choose or be ready for any change in career path. 

For Experienced Professionals

  1. Staying updated with Industry trends: Those who don’t stay up to date with industry trends may not be aware of the current market, which can hinder their job-hunting process. 
  2. Career change: Career changes are not planned. They always happen for many reasons. Finding a job in a different field may be like finding a fresher job, such as having no experience in that particular field or no connection with professionals from the field. 
  3. Work-life balance: It is hard to sustain a work-life balance in a workplace, whether one works remotely or from the office. So, people find new jobs or change their careers here. 

Top 10 Job Hunting Strategies:

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Here are some effective job hunting strategies to assist in your process: 

Identify career path

Before you start finding high-paying jobs or jobs from reputed companies, understand what you want in your career. Examine yourself and identify your expertise and passion. If you don't get an idea of what you know about and what you like, you won't understand what is right for you when it comes to choosing a career path. 

Craft a standout Resume

Create a settler resume that grabs your hiring manager's attention. Highlight your skills, expertise, and accomplishments effectively to induce the hiring manager to have a deeper look at your resume or take you to the next level of interview. So, learn how to write a standout resume. 

Short Cover Letter

While you work on your resume, consider your cover letter, too. 87% of HR professionals prefer short cover letters with job applications. We hope you won't take the risk of sending your resume without a cover letter. 

Prepare for Interviews

In every interview, there will be questions specifically related to the positions you have applied for and some generic questions that every hiring manager will ask you. So, prepare for all types of questions. This will help you stay confident before and during the interview and will save you from making mistakes during the interview. 

Often, people stammer while giving answers in interviews despite knowing the answer. The reason is a lack of confidence or thought that they have not prepared enough for the interview. So, do research on what sort of interview questions are currently most recruiters asking, and ask your peers and mentors through your network. 

Setup Professional Network

If you are currently working, establish professional connections with your peers and mentors from your field. If you are someone who is looking for a job, try to find people on online platforms like LinkedIn and make connections with them. With the help of such connections, you will get information about career opportunities. Also, people in your network can help you by providing guidance and suggestions. 

Build Online Profile

To create a professional network with people you want, you should also have an online profile. To create an online profile, one doesn't need to be experienced; a fresher can also start building one. This online profile will not only help you make a network but also help you find jobs. Search the best job search websites and create your profile, and recruiters will see your profile if your profile fulfills their requirements. 

Develop a personal brand

Your personal brand can help you in job hunting by inducing recruiters to approach you with a job offer. Sounds like magic, right? By building a solid online presence, you can create your own brand where you can share your skills and expertise and guide other people. This will make the recruiter understand your capabilities and potential. 

However, you are in the initial phase of your career; you can share your journey of learning while finding a job or improving yourself. This may attract recruiters as it shows you are willing to learn and grow in your career. So they might approach you accordingly. 

Use the right Keywords

The number of online job search websites proves that traditional job hunting has shifted to applying for jobs online through company portals and third-party applications. Many companies are using ATS to manage their recruitment process. So whenever you submit your resume via ATS, use the right keywords in your resume. 

Because the ATS scans are based on some particular keywords that recruiters provide based on their requirements. So, understand how ATS works and what keywords you should use in your resume to pass the ATS. 

Better job search sites

Every day, you will see a new job search website  during job hunting. But every site has its own merits and demerits. And some of the job sites may not fulfill your requirements. So, explore as many job sites as you can and check their features, relevancy, and credibility. Before you put any personal information on any website, check whether the website is trustworthy or not. Scammers are waiting for opportunities to scam you. 

Attend job fair events

Huge MNCs conduct offline job fairs in cities where they come up with various openings. Try to attend every job fair you can. Even if you don't get selected, you will get hands-on experience and an idea of how MNCs and companies conduct interviews. You will also get knowledge and guidance from people who are selected for interviews. 

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  4. AI-Assisted Milestone Feature - with getCREDIBLE’s milestone feature, you can post your accomplishments as milestones. This milestone will enhance your digital resume and get the recruiter’s attention towards your profile. 


Job hunting strategies are essential for opening the door to your dream job. A well-crafted job search strategy can significantly enhance your chances of catching recruiters' attention and securing the ideal role. Your plan should be concise, ideally three to four lines, effectively summarizing your resume and professional experience. Additionally, it should convey your vision and passion for your career, showcasing your commitment and enthusiasm to potential employers.

With the help of getCREDIBLE's feature, you can strategically plan your job-hunting process. It will aid in the various steps of the job search and allow you to surpass the challenges arising during the process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to find a job quickly?
  • To find a job fast, customize your resume for each job, establish a professional network, and actively search on the best job search websites.
  1. What is the best way to find a job?
  • The most efficient way to find a job is by combining online search and networking. This powerful duo will boost your process. You can also use getCREDIBLE’s features for effective job searching.